Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A New Year...

to start blogging. My mom told me that she found a blogger who had her entire year made into an album...like a book! I didn't know you could do that. I'm sure the rest of you already knew.
I don't keep a journal and I have only done about 10 scrapbook pages of when Tyson was born. Literally. My kids will have nothing to look at or read. I am making it my goal to post on my blog and have a fun little book to look at when this year is over.
In January my little brother Austin's comp Lacrosse team had a tournament in San Diego. We weren't planning on going because it was the weekend Trev had to do his weekend on the base. Well, at the last min. or one day before the tournament I had a great idea! I decided that Tyson and I could go with my parents if Trev's mom could come and spend the weekend at our house watching Taytum (no way I am taking her in a car for more than 2-3 hrs again) and hanging out with Trev. ReNae said she could do it and we left Fri. morning at 2 a.m. The car said it was 0 degrees outside just before hitting Nephi. We stopped for breakfast at 9 a.m. in Vegas and the car said it was 62 degrees. When we were in Bakersfield we stopped for lunch and we stepped out to a wonderful 83 degrees. It felt so good to be out of the cold. I think our little fam should make this trip something we do EVERY January!!
These pics were taken after we unpacked at our hotel

Austin is #37 in the blue and yellow. His coach had him playing with the older (17-19 yrs old) and his regular high school team. He loved every minute! He played 3-4 games a day. There were about 20 teams from all over the East and West coast. In the end his high school team took 3rd!!!

On Sunday my mom and I took Tyson to Sea World. He had been asking me to take him for almost a year. I was super excited to finally do it. I wish Trev and Taytum could have been there too but now we have an excuse to go again!

We fed the bat rays. I talked Mimi into taking a fish and trying it. Me and Tyson had a good laugh!

Tyson ran out of fish and this dolphin stared him down for a good minute! I thought it was too cute.

Mimi and Tyson petting the dolphin. We had so much fun taking turns feeding and petting them. I think I loved it as much as Tyson ;)

Some flamingos were out on the grass so we could get up close! This trip was so much fun. Sometimes I wish I could say some magic words to keep Tyson this age for a few more years. Right now he thinks I'm really cool and fun. Everything is exciting and magic to him. He says please and thank you and runs to my car teary eyed and chin quivering when he thinks he has run into school without giving me a kiss or hug. It makes me laugh because he will give an extra big hug and kiss if that happens, and as soon as I get them he runs back in school with a big smile like nothing was ever wrong. Maybe I want my kids to stay little because every time my mom gets out old family vacation photos she gets teary eyed and tells me she wishes she could go back and relive those moments again. She tells me my kids will only be little for so long, in the blink of an eye they will decide they don't like holding hands then be graduating from high school. I believe her.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Quick update :)

So Tyson had his tonsils removed 2 weeks ago! He was such a trooper. The biopsy came back negative!!! This pic was taken before we went to Vegas. He had to have his blood drawn. He sat in my lap and the nurse told him not to move, and though he immediately began to cry he didn't move. He was so cute. After he had been stuck and his blood was being drawn I said very calmly, "It doesn't really hurt still...does it? It's not that bad huh?" And he paused from his crying, realizing it didn't really hurt and replied as brave as he could "It's not that bad" and continued crying. I would have pics of him at the hospital on surgery day but no one could find my camera... While in Vegas it got put in Bree's bag by accident and went with her to Maryland. At least we found it ;)

The sign says HAPPY BIRTHDAY. We picked Bree up at the airport on her birthday and drove straight to Vegas for the Wedding!

This is us at the Mandalay Bay shark exhibit. We were at the sting ray touch pool and as you can see from the pic, Taytum just wanted IN!! Yes this is the ONLY pic I have because we used Bree's camera the entire time and she STILL hasn't sent me any pics...

Friday night @ Fremont' s Homecoming parade!!

I can't get her to look at the camera. I like this pic because it shows her wearing 2 bracelets. I kept trying to take the blue one off because it didn't match and she would throw a fit. And of course I loved it. I know...I won't love it when she's 16.

Uncle Wahwa is #15, getting ready to throw some candy our way!

They seriously LOVE each other. She was trying to put her arm around his neck to love him but she was too into the passing parade to really get a hold of him!

A happy boy with a bag of candy!
This is actually our fave parade of the year. It's short and sweet so the kids don't get antsy, they throw tons of candy and we get to yell and clap for uncle Wahwa (Austin)!!
If Bree will ever send me a CD with pics of Vegas I will post them with pics of the reception!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

HEY Elder Manning...

look who we ran into!!

We (me, mom and tayters) went for ice cream the other night and ran into some familiar faces :) Luckily I had my camera and told them I had to take of pic for you! So here it is!

More to come...

~Wedding in Vegas~

Tyson's tonsil and adnoid removal on Mon. I'm sure it's nothing but it can't hurt to put this out there. One of his tonsils is taking up half his throat, and when he turns his head you can see the small bulg on his neck. The doc said it will need a biopsy. Now, I'm sure it's nothing but if you happen upon this post if you could put him in your prayers I'm sure it wouldn't hurt :)

Thanks everyone and have a GREAT week!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Taytum turned 1!!!!

Taytum's Birthday was last weekend but at least I'm posting right?!
It was a lot of fun! Lots of friends and family showed up and I think Tyson and the rest of the "older" kids had the most fun!! Thanks to everyone who came!

A week after I found out I was preg we took Tyson to Disneyland and I found this Sleeping Beauty doll that I thought was too cute. Of course I HAD to have it because I just KNEW I was having a girl!! I was right and sooo excited to finally give it to her :) I should have posted a better pic but my mom made a cupcake tank for her that was tooo cute!

The cupcake cake! Thanks mom!

The cupcake toppers...

This was the extent of damage done to the cake. She just licked the frosting off a small section and was DONE!

Taytum is quite the handful at 1...
She loves screaming, talking on the phone, giving kisses to Papa, Trev and Tyson, climbing, eating EVERYTHING (peas, tomatoes, avocado, dirt, sand...the list goes on), her "lovey bunny", baths, the pool, taking off her diaper, trying to wiggle out of car seat straps, dolls, and especially Tyson! She makes us laugh everyday. Love you Tayters!!
At her check up...
weight 20 lbs 47%
height 31inches 95%

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

*{ It's Official }*

Casey and Megan are getting MARRIED!!!!!!!
We are all so excited to have her as a new addition to the fam :) They have been friends for over a year. We had heard Casey mention her MANY times over the last 7 months or so. We'd ask "so ya gonna taker her out....or bring her over?" His reply was they were just friends and were always in a "group" hanging out. Haha we knew better, and right after Trev left for Iraq...he brings her home! Well, the rest is history and they haven't spent a day apart since!! Quick engagements seem to run in the family ;)

Casey proposed Monday night...the day he picked up the ring. He was planning on doing it that weekend but he was soo excited he couldn't wait a second longer :) I should mention he picked it out on his own...we were all impressed ;)

Oops... pretend you don't see Trev there in the background ;) Casey called my mom and told her he was asking her that night and needed her to set up the image he had in his head. Yellow is Megan's fave color and while we didn't have time to get a florist to make a center piece my mom improvised and used the flowers she had in her yard (my pic doesn't do them justice). Casey is very "outdoorsy" and she loves that about him so I think this was perfect! There are no pics but we got a ton of mason jars and lit tea lights in them and set them around on the ground. It was really cute and they said it looked so cool cause they got there right when the sun was setting :)
*Congrats guys...we LOVE you *

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Park City 3 day weekend!!!

Trev and my Dad are on PCMR's Patrol team...which means we ALL (immediate family) get free season passes! It also means we (the wives) get to accompany our Patrolers to the annual awards banquette!! Free prime rib and all the good food you can eat!! Thanks boys ;)
We forgot to take pics when we first got there...so we snapped some in the dark ;)

The end of a great ski day and weekend

Yay!! Tyson finally got it on his 2nd run. On the 4th run my dad would let him ski a few feet down to Trev, then they would switch and do it again...he's a natural!! I would holler and try to get him to crack a smile but he was too busy being "cool". He cracks me up!

On the way up!!

Hahaha...first run. He wasn't so sure how to balance :)

My Daddy and me!

Trev and Tys getting ready to ride the lift with uncle wawa...

My sweet mom stayed in the lodge to watch Taytum for us. Thanks mom, your the best!

We decided to get the condo for fri. and sat. night. The pool was sooo warm and the sun was shining through!! It was fun to hang out with everyone. It would have been funner if Bree, Casey and Megan would have come...next time? Trev's mom babysat at the condo during the banquette and came to hang out the next night for dinner. We had steak and lobster....compliments of my mother's mad cooking skills! Thanks again mom!

Tyson LOVED the pool! Can't wait till my parents is open for the summer!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Trev is HOME!!!

Our family is together again!! Poor Taytum fell asleep right before he got in. Trev had been on an airplane since 3a.m. the morning before. He got 3 hrs of sleep in Baltimore before waking and flying to SLC. Poor guy!! Oh and the stache is gone ;) It was a actually a really neat experience. Even though they were gone a "short" time they had a big welcome back from everyone. We had to be at the airport at 9:15 am (he didn't end up arriving until 11:30) because we were able to get clearance to get through security and watch him walk off the plane!! Fox 13 even interviewed some of them. Trev and Tyson were on the news that night! We missed it, but people called and we found it on the computer the next day...Tyson thought it was pretty cool ;)

Good ol' uncle Wawa...giving Tyson some company :) He stood there a good hour of the hour and a half we waited. He knew his dad was out there and wasn't going to miss him coming in.

Tyson waiting... They were an hour and a half late bc the weather was soo bad.

Taytum and her super tongue...I suck at taking pics but she can touch the bottom of her nose!!

Mimi, Taytum, Me, Papa and Great Grandpa Rezac...waiting

Uncle Wawa, Megan and Casey...waiting

Grandma and Great Grandma Rezac with Tyson...waiting