Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Park City 3 day weekend!!!

Trev and my Dad are on PCMR's Patrol team...which means we ALL (immediate family) get free season passes! It also means we (the wives) get to accompany our Patrolers to the annual awards banquette!! Free prime rib and all the good food you can eat!! Thanks boys ;)
We forgot to take pics when we first got we snapped some in the dark ;)

The end of a great ski day and weekend

Yay!! Tyson finally got it on his 2nd run. On the 4th run my dad would let him ski a few feet down to Trev, then they would switch and do it again...he's a natural!! I would holler and try to get him to crack a smile but he was too busy being "cool". He cracks me up!

On the way up!!

Hahaha...first run. He wasn't so sure how to balance :)

My Daddy and me!

Trev and Tys getting ready to ride the lift with uncle wawa...

My sweet mom stayed in the lodge to watch Taytum for us. Thanks mom, your the best!

We decided to get the condo for fri. and sat. night. The pool was sooo warm and the sun was shining through!! It was fun to hang out with everyone. It would have been funner if Bree, Casey and Megan would have time? Trev's mom babysat at the condo during the banquette and came to hang out the next night for dinner. We had steak and lobster....compliments of my mother's mad cooking skills! Thanks again mom!

Tyson LOVED the pool! Can't wait till my parents is open for the summer!


Poulsen Girlys said...

Tiffany your kids are adorable.. I cannot believe how big Tyson is. He looks exactly like Trevor. Such a cute family..
Amy Poulsen

Erin said...

Ok, I really do think you have the most beautiful family!! 2nd...YAY Trevor is home :) I bet you are glad to have your hubby back!

ps. My mother in law got that transformer helmet at Walmart :)